Goldiblocks: Gender and engineering meet


Anybody interested in gender, engineering, or infrastructure, especially, meta-issues, like training students in the sciences and engineering and all the related gender issues:

Check out this promotional video.

Golidblocks! This is a smart idea. There is a ton of literature about how women select out of the sciences and engineering, some of which is good work and some of which borders on the sexism it supposedly only describes; however, this angle, related to children’s toys and parenting strategies … just might be one of the smartest thing “done” in that line of thinking/concern.

If you’re teaching STS and you cover gender issues, a discussion of this might be useful.

It also reminded me, hauntingly, of this: when Barbi used to say “Math class is tough” … ugh.

7 thoughts on “Goldiblocks: Gender and engineering meet

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  2. Lego has an after school program for building–for older kids they incorporate mindstorm and organize it around building themes. Lego completely sponsors groups–with supplies and money– of girls wanting to build. Legos are profoundly gendered, but this is a great program for girl lego geeks!


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