Time for another mystery? A German Aramis

I just found this while rereading Aramis, or the Love of Technology … the history of PRTs is just so amazing! This one was actually developed near my hometown in Hagen in the 1970s and should have been installed in Hamburg – but then was canceled. Aramis brother?

9 thoughts on “Time for another mystery? A German Aramis

    • Also, dmf, what’s your position on the utility of that book? I remember enjoy it, enjoying the tutorial about STS, and thinking that the meta-commentary/unorthodox style was oddly iconoclastic. But was it ever of any real use? Seems few people cite it these days (not that I’m using that as the only useful measure of utility, OF COURSE).


      • after the lecture by two “leading” public intellectuals (futurists fer fucsake) today I’m pretty pessimistic about the utility of book-learning in general (until we figure out how to hack cognitive-biases not sure if there is really anything like reflexivity in the strong sense of the term that we can teach folks) but if I calm down I’ll try and give you a more balanced answer. While I’m grinding gears can I ask when we make things handy for public use have we in effect rendered them familiar/user-friendly and so impotent to make real changes?


  1. honestly I don’t think we know enough about how people learn (or don’t learn) to say for sure, but more and more I’m back to the idea that people learn by doing socialization and all) and that these doings are pretty context-specific for most folks so they will learn from academics how to use texts (well cut&pasted parts of them anyway) to meet the specific demands of those settings and so forth but the idea(l) of having gained ideas/abstractions and than somehow applying/materializing them gets more and more suspect to me. If books are tools are we teaching people how to use them in a variety of extra-academic settings and if so how?


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