Israel Bayer and Street Roots: A Snowstorm, a tent city….

Here in US we have been struggling through the coldest winter in a lifetime. What is invisible to most of us while we scrape our cars, pay outrageous heat bills, and hope for summer is a that snow day for the school kids means potential deaths for those on the streets.
This is a pointed institutional analysis of the battle in downtown Portland around compassion, “livability” and the “rejuvenation” of downtown areas.

Check out his latest blog:

3 thoughts on “Israel Bayer and Street Roots: A Snowstorm, a tent city….

    • I have only been to Ithaca once since we moved here, but yes it does strike as a shi-shi place that doesn’t like to be challenged by the Real.


      • one of, if not the poorest counties in NY, and than the mother of all endowments sitting up above it all, that said come Spring would be worth a trip to see the gardens, gorges, and some world class asian art at their museum, plus ya know some classic sts folks kicking around.


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