Roberto Unger: Sociology is Bunk


Interview, just one of many, with Roberto Unger, which indicates that sociology — along with all the other social sciences (psychology, economics, law, and perhaps even political science) — is bunk as well as pseudo science.


14 thoughts on “Roberto Unger: Sociology is Bunk

  1. Maybe us and the quants need to embrace the idea that we are in a strategic alliance: without us, they would be those with the dubious correlations, without them we would the story-tellers…


  2. I think such a “dream” will ultimately split sociology in two — one half will cling to “social physics” and the other will embrace “the void”

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  3. Ahahahahah. Yeah. I sometimes dream about a world in which sociology is no longer a science (in the sense of this desperate attempt of abstraction)


  4. once one starts to come to terms with all of the pomo concerns about complexity/emergence/assemblages/environs/etc attempts to structure/rule social interactions into abstractions/laws/norms gets a bit like watching a bad puppet-show, no?


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