3:1 — Post-Disciplinarity or “Committing Sociology” — Pre-Posting Post


We are continuing the 3:1 format into 2015. We are kicking off the New Year with a series of posts on Post-Disciplinarity or “Committing Sociology.” It might be a stretch to treat Post-Disciplinarity and Committing Sociology as synonyms, but we could not resist, and our panel of three scholars have some unique perspectives on the topic worth reviewing. This time, none of the blog administrators are going to contribute to this week’s 3:1 and instead we have a completely new group of scholars responding to, reflecting upon, and criticizing the notion of and instances of “committing sociology.”

This week contributors — who we are grateful to and eager to hear from — include:

Monday — 1 of 3 — Michael Lait: You might know him from his solid review of Lemke’s Biopolitics, Michael is a student at Carleton UniversitySociology and Anthropology working under rock n’ roll state theorist Bruce Curtis. Michael’s current work is about controversy: his “research maps the political situation of Gatineau Park, a 361km² semi-wilderness area located near the Canadian cities of Ottawa, Hull, and Gatineau. … [and, in particular,] how controversies have been mediated by the Park’s publics by way of formal and informal negotiations with the NCC as well as other institutional and government bodies.” He’ll fit right in around here.

Wednesday — 2 of 3 — Phillip Primeau: Phillip is also a graduate student in the same program as Michael at Carleton UniversitySociology and Anthropology. His research interests makes for a fine stable of topics: “Governmentality studies, historical sociology, moral regulation, state formation, municipal governance, community capacity building and resilience training.” He also, I have come to find, makes some killer Prezi presentations.

Friday — 3 of 3 — Aaron Henry: Like Michael and Phillip, Aaron is of the great program at Carleton UniversitySociology and Anthropology. Like me, Aaron is into states and state theory. He has a cool paper about how privacy figures into discussions/controversies regarding security and pacification that is worth reading. He works with Bruce too, but Justin Paulson appears to be his main advisor (I know Paulson only by reputation and a book he co-edit Capitalism and Confrontation).
Welcome aboard, gents!

* Image from: http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-commit-sociology-4.png

9 thoughts on “3:1 — Post-Disciplinarity or “Committing Sociology” — Pre-Posting Post

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  4. nice, I’m always amazed by how people still regard/use the formal after the fact reports of meetings/events as if they were accurate representations of what actually went down in the room, we need ethnographers (broadly speaking) in all the places that decisions actually get made as well as tracking than what happens to those decisions down the policy/governance tree, mapping the actual actors and the objects they employ.
    was at a meeting with some folks working on commercial applications of real-time-big-data mining and the highlighted warning was garbage in garbage out and I wish number-crunching social studiers were as mindful.


  5. Also: lets remember our old fellow and guest blogger Endre Danyj and his work on parliaments or the group around Thomas Scheffer on MP offices


  6. There are a few folks in IR that have been looking into, among other things, training diplomats and ambassador’s school to get at the pre-political politics (what Jan-Peter Voss is calling — in an edited book we are a part of — “infrapolitics” and “infragovernance”).


  7. cool, have there been folks following the general model of STS/ANT field-research into the places where the work of staging states actually play out?


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