4S Newletters

PDF repository of 4S newsletters; just click the issue you want to view in PDF format.

We put up a new issue every few days, which corresponds to a post summarizing the issue.

We do not have all of them. If anybody has access to a few of the “missing pieces” of this collection are very seriously asked if they would be willing to share them (we will cover any shipping costs and return them safely after scanning them — just write njr12@psu.edu).

4S Newsletter

As many of you already know, 4S’s first annual meeting was in 1976 and this was the first year of the “Society for the Social Studies of Science” newsletter to have been published; at the time, Daryl Chubin was managing editor of the newsletter and Arnold Thackray was senior editor. Our first issue of the newsletter is not Volume 1 Issue 1 (we don’t have it or the second Issue, but we do have Issue 3, from the spring — and that is where we start.

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