Installing (Social) Order is an informal work group of researchers. Originally formed at the Department of Sociology at Bielefeld University, it is open for participation. If you like to contribute, contact one of the members of the group.

Formally the group is administered by:

Jan-H. Passoth
TU München – MCTS
Arcisstraße 21,
80333 München, Germany
Nicholas J. Rowland, Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University
E. Raymond Smith Building 128H,
Altoona, PA 16601, USA
jan.passoth (at) tum.de njr12 (at) psu.edu

Every post is reflecting only the individual opinion of the respective author. This especially holds true for comments. The group as a whole and the members of the group that are not authors of a text are not responsible for its content – nontheless we reserve our right to delete posts that are offensive, insulting or that hinder a free debate.

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