Rhizome’s Seven Big Ideas from Seven

Bringing together artists and technologists to come up with seven new ideas in one day. Lots of intriguing work on technology and intimacy. 

From the website:

The fifth anniversary edition of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven took place on Saturday. The project pairs seven leading artists with seven influential technologists in teams of two, and challenges them to develop something new–whatever they choose to imagine—over the course of a single day. The results were unveiled to the public on Saturday at the New Museum, and are recapped here.

Seven Big Ideas From Seven

2 thoughts on “Rhizome’s Seven Big Ideas from Seven

  1. one of the vital features in postmodernism after Derrida and co. was a proposed shift away from the archive-fevered dreams of authorial intentions to something like reader-response theory and I would be interested in what, if any, where the lasting effects of people interacting with works like these.


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