20 Ethnographic Films to Teach With


Worth checking-out: visual psychological anthropology films that can be used for teaching from our friends over at Psychocultural Cinema:

Despite the rich history of innovative methods and techniques employed by documentary filmmakers across a range of genres, there seems to be little awareness or integration of the findings and approaches of psychological anthropology in ethnographic film

10 thoughts on “20 Ethnographic Films to Teach With

  1. you know in my visual anthropology courses I have always done the historical bit, tracing the Torrres Straits – Sweetwater route… but I always end up with Bladerunner, Brazil and Vertov’s Man with a Camera. And that’s when the real fun begins in class…


  2. So proper — it doubles as a reverse ethnography of sorts — if you adopt the “other” third person — “listen as the noble Brit narrates the visual imagery of his colonial-gaze; he does not so much describe what he sees, but produces it by carefully not letting the person in the film speak for him or herself,”… and so on.


  3. most ethnographic films are lacking in context while TGMBC I think speaks to the modern audience without needing added lecturing, plus ya know a bit of knowing irony/reflexivity in the production:


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