The degrowth movement(s) for alternative economics have picked up a bit more steam with this new book, which includes contributions and endorsements from a wide array of scholars. There is also this introductory video that makes a few peculiar claims.*

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  1. Reminds me of Michaels’ discussion of social experimentation where the structure of cities could be part of the “creating social worlds”

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  2. was just at a sermon by bruce katz selling his metro-revolution (really a repackaging of florida’s now largely recanted trickledown “creative” class/warfare) and asked if he has seen anyone/any-city acting to adapt to the new environs (econ, politics, climate, etc) before they get badly hurt by it and he had nothing to offer (hadn’t even considered it), I think we have to work instead on how we might salvage something that doesn’t depend on mass/govt/Inc fore-thinking/planning.
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