NatureCulture, Casper Bruun Jensen (Free On-line)


NatureCulture is a new journal that is free on-line, which features articles from landmark STS scholars (Casper Bruun Jensen, Annamarie Mol, Christopher Gad, Marilyn Strathern, etc.), well-known in the networks of the Global North, alongside a fascinating group of STS scholars primarily in Japan (Mohácsi Gergely, Merit Atsuro, Miho Ishii, etc.).

The journal, after a quick perusal, is of high-quality. Rather than dense empirical work, the journal seems to feature relatively complex essays with a tone that shifts between conversational and erudite. Consider a great piece by Christopher Gad on the post pluralist attitude, an obvious nod to a previous work on the topic, another essay-form piece (Gad, C. & C. B. Jensen 2010. ‘On the Consequences of Post-ANT’, Science Technology & Human Values 35: 1, 55–80.).

While I cannot say for sure, the seeds for this project may well have been born from the 2010 4S meeting (held jointly with Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies) … after all, Casper Bruun Jensen presented a paper title “Techno-animism in Japan: Shinto cosmograms, actor-network theory, and the enabling powers of non-human agencies.”

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  1. I’ll ask Casper … hopefully he forgives me for mis-spelling the name. The original post was CultureNature, and the real name is NatureCulture … lame slip-up, I know, but an honest slip-up, nonetheless.


  2. Maybe we get a special opportunity to join them now that we plugged the journal on the blog — couldn’t hurt!

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  3. Let me reappear from a long (too long) period of silence by pointing out how much I am in love with that journal! Take Stratherns paper on “Being one, being multiple” or Chistopher’s, Casper’s and Brit’s piece on “Practical ontology” – very interesting and great to know that there is a place for such a discussion!


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