‘Not simply a vision thing’

‘Not simple a vision thing’

The act of developing a technology is as much work inside the laboratory as it is of engaging with the state and society on various concerns and questions


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Pankaj Sekhsaria is author of 'The Last Wave', (http://tinyurl.com/njatxm2) a novel based in the Andaman islands of India. He is also a journalist, photographer and researcher with four books, a dozen peer reviewed papers and nearly 200 newspaper and magazine articles to his credit. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Science and Technology Studies (STS) at Maastricht University Science and Technology Studies (MUSTS). His Phd research involves studying the techno-scientific practices inside nanotechnology labs in India to understand and articulate the idea of a 'culture of innovation'

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  2. indeed, and of course what we assemble in the context/actor-network of a lab will not be the same as what could be assembled in the field….


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