Informal Work Group ???Installing (Social) Order??? Installed

No doubt that computer science is the formative mode of building the models of contemporary social life. Interactional settings, inter- and transorganizational networks as well as the internal structures of macro-social phenomena like science, politics, economy, art and the media are ‘nerved’ with heterogenous, overlapping and sometimes antidromic tendencies to be formed by extremely distributed but nonetheless large scaled information infrastructure. This tendency of contemporary society not to realize stability and expectability by processes of institutionalizing, but by installing (social) order is the focus of this work group of young researchers from social science and humanities.

This blog is a platform to join efforts and to bring scholars together. Here we collect projects, publications and events, here we will try to widen our debate. Originally formed at the Department of Sociology at the Bielefeld University, it is open for participation. Subscribe to this blog by email or by RSS to follow the debate, contact us if you yourself are working on a project in this area and want to become affiliated.


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