Proposed categorization scheme for (some of my or some of our) future posts

This is just a thought: hoping to be somewhat generative of future work on the blog, Jan-Hendrik and I were discussing this earlier today (on opposite sides of the Atlantic thanks to google-chat) as one possible framework for moving forward and categorizing some (and probably not most) future posts.


Step One:

Post a summary of one of the following:

  1. New articles/idea to watch (like STS’s supposedly new “third-wave” mentioned/generated by Pollock and Williams (2008) in their recent book Software and Organisations on the “biography” of contemporary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)).
  2. Old articles/ideas to remember (like a 100 year overdue book review of Weber’s Economy and Society).
  3. New scholars and professionals to watch (like Kaniakakis (2006; 2008) and his new-ish agora concept/orientinng framework for doing multi-site, multi-year, multi-scholar STS research projects).
  4. Old scholars and professionals to remember (like Gabriel Tarde, as mentioned in Latour’s (2005) Reassembling the Social).
  5. New places to watch (on-line or off-line like or Copenhagen Business School, the proposed site for the next European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) annual meeting in 2012).
  6. Old places to remember (The Pennsylvania State University’s to-be closed STS program).

Step Two:

Within a week or so we all try to post our thoughts, corrections, extensions, and/or tangential comments.



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