More Governing by Numbers, and more Montr??al

Speaking of governing by numbers, and speaking of Montréal (and speaking of Bettina Heintz), there is the ISA meeting next week, including a panel hosted by Hans Krause Hansen (Copenhagen Business School) and Tony Porter (Hamilton) on “Numbers in Global Governance”. The main convention theme is “Global Governance: Political Authority in Transition”.

Bettina Heintz and myself just finished our conference paper which I will be presenting there next week. The “Numbers in Global Governance” panel is going to take place on Wednesday (March 16, 10.30 a.m., Ramezay), and if anybody reading this can make it to the meeting on such short notice, give it a try.

Hans and Tony will be contributing a paper titled “What Do Numbers Do?”, and there are two other papers on “Numbers of Transparency ??? Transparency of Numbers” by Lars Thøger Christensen (University of Southern Denmark) and George Cheney (Utah), and by Michael H. Allen (Bryn Mawr) on “Incoherent Convergence: Crisis, Power and Normative Discourse in Global Constitutionalism” to be discussed during the session. The paper by Bettina Heintz and myself is titled “Globalizing Comparisons: Performance Measurement and the ‘Numerical Difference’ in Global Governance”.

For those of you unable to make it to Montréal, I’ll write something up afterwards and post it here once I got rid off the jetlag.
In the meantime go here to check out the conference.

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  1. Thanks! I’m wondering what people will make of this. The "numerical difference" is Bettina’s idea, and she already published the concept in a German sociology journal last year ( The major extension in the conference paper will be the micro-macro angle of the argument, and the application to exploring the circulation of performance measurements.


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