New articles/idea to watch: Journal of Information Technology & Politics, paper on Wikipedia

Your very own Nicholas Rowland was just added to the Full Editorial Board for the Journal of Information Technology & Politics.

This young journal’s aims is to:

Mission Statement

The Journal of Information Technology & Politics (JITP) seeks high-quality manuscripts on the challenges and opportunities presented by information technology in politics and government.  The primary objectives of the journal are to:

  • promote a better understanding of how evolving information technologies interact with political and governmental processes and outcomes at many levels
  • encourage the development of governmental and political processes that employ IT in novel and interesting ways, and
  • foster the development of new information technology tools and theories that can capture, analyze, and report on these developments.

They have also recently published interesting paper about Wikipedia-use and how it variously frames NGOs and now there is a CFP (call for papers) for a forthcoming special issue on the future of computational social science.

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About Nicholas

Associate Professor of Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Science and Technology Studies at Penn State, Nicholas mainly writes about understanding the scientific study of states and, thus, it is namely about state theory. Given his training in sociology and STS, he takes a decidedly STS-oriented approach to state theory and issues of governance.

1 thought on “New articles/idea to watch: Journal of Information Technology & Politics, paper on Wikipedia

  1. HA! Of course you should publish with them! The editor, Stuart Shulman really does a nice job shepherding papers through the process.


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