ICTA 2011: International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies & Applications

Announcement------------------------------------International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies &Applications: ICTA 2011 (www.2011conferences.org/icta), to be held on November29th - December 2nd, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, USA------------------------------------Participants in this conference will receive a password to also have access toall the virtual sessions (associated with the face-to-face sessions) of theprograms of the conferences organized by IIIS and held on March 2011(www.iiis2011.org/imcic/Program/html/program-public-wvp.asp?vc=26) and to beheld on July 2011(www.iiis2011.org/wmsci/Program/html/program-public-wvp.asp?vc=1)------------------------------------Deadlines:Submissions and Invited Sessions Proposals: July 12th, 2011Authors Notifications: September 1st, 2011Camera-ready, full papers: September 22nd, 2011------------------------------------Technical keynote speakers will be selected from early submissions because thisselection requires an additional evaluation according to the quality of thepaper, assessed by its reviewers, the authors' CV and the paper's topic.Submissions for *Face-to-Face* or for *Virtual* Participation are bothaccepted. Both kinds of submissions will have the same reviewing process andthe accepted papers will be included in the same proceedings.All Submitted papers/abstracts will go through three reviewing processes: (1)double-blind (at least three reviewers), (2) non-blind, and (3) participativepeer reviews. Authors of accepted papers who registered in the conference canhave access to the evaluations and possible feedback provided by the reviewerswho recommended the acceptance of their papers/abstracts, so they canaccordingly improve the final version of their papers.Pre-Conference and Post-conference Virtual sessions (via electronic forums)will be held for each session included in the conference program.Registration fees of an effective invited session organizer will be waivedaccording to the policy described in the web page (click on 'Invited Session',then on 'Benefits for the Organizers of Invited Sessions').Authors of the best 30%-50% of the papers presented at the conference (includedthose virtually presented) will be invited to adapt their papers for theirpublication in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (JSCI), orin the Journal of Education, Informatics, and Cybernetics (JEIC)ICTA 2011 Organizing CommitteesIf you wish to be removed from this mailing list, please send an email toremove@mail.2011conferences.org with REMOVE MLCONFERENCES in the subject line.Address: Torre Profesional La California, Av. Francisco de Miranda, Caracas,Venezuela.