New journal of potential interest: Journal of Sociology of Science & Technology

Has anyone heard of Metha Press?

Apparently, Metha Press has recently opened a number of new journals, among them the Journal of Sociology of Science & Technology, and is looking for editor in chief for a large number of journals. A recent press release reads:

Mehta Press is a premier publisher of academic, technical and scientific work, reaching around the globe to collect essential reference material and the latest advances and make them available to researchers, academics, professionals, and students in a variety of accessible formats.

Mehta Press Invites Curriculum Vitae of efficient Scientists for Chief Editor Post in newly launched Social Science & Humanities. Applications are invited for a Editor-in-Chief for following journals

The contribution of the Editor-in-Chief will be crucial to the development of a unique journal style and image. We are confident that the quality and high ethical standards of our journals can offer a unique service to the international community. Together we can promote scientific advancement and excellence for the benefit of all.

If you are interested in our project, please submit a copy of your curriculum vitae, including your  study record and a brief list of your main publications, for our internal evaluation.

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About Nicholas

Associate Professor of Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Science and Technology Studies at Penn State, Nicholas mainly writes about understanding the scientific study of states and, thus, it is namely about state theory. Given his training in sociology and STS, he takes a decidedly STS-oriented approach to state theory and issues of governance.

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