Image from class today

Snapshot from Prezi lecture about interpretative flexibility, black-boxing, and closure/consensus.


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About Nicholas

Associate Professor of Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Science and Technology Studies at Penn State, Nicholas mainly writes about understanding the scientific study of states and, thus, it is namely about state theory. Given his training in sociology and STS, he takes a decidedly STS-oriented approach to state theory and issues of governance.

1 thought on “Image from class today

  1. Well, I like prezi too. The packing tape and open seams; I thought the box was also good to be analytical with, and the students were..Now, the closure concept has received quite a lot of support, even though it might be a bit dated, it still works for an introductory STS course. I do think the shift to "closing" as the analytical puzzle to open-up (ironic, no!) is more active and appreciably an improvement on the notion of "final" closure, or highly-stable conceptualization of machines and facts.


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