Fashion and waves in STS ??? Is ANT the platform shoes of STS?

Call me a naive STS newcomer, greenhorn, curly girlie or whatever, but as I was reading all this STS stuff I got more and more confused. And after a lively debate with a colleague from Hamburg University who told me „nobody is doing sociology of knowledge in STS anymore“ I got even more confused. What does that mean „not anymore“? The more I read the more I got the impression that STS proceeds somehow ‘evolutionary’. It seems like everybody is doing ANT (except of those who do post-ANT understood – somebody has to be against it). Other theories and concepts seem to be completely out of fashion.

Coming more from an organisation studies perspective I’m completely not used to something like that. Postmodernism, Neo-Institutionalism, Systems Theory, Structuration Theory – they are used (of course by different researchers) at the same time. What I mean is, not everybody in organisation studies does, let’s say, Neo-Institutionalism and John W. Meyer. In STS there seems to be a consensus – at least somehow – that ANT is the concept to be used.

There was this debate on „thirdwaveness“ a few months ago:

Well, I was wondering: Is ANT the platform shoes of STS? Will Latour be out of fashion in 2015? And what will be the dernier cri in 2015?

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  1. Hello Debbie Morris! Thank you for saying so. We are always writing about STS and the sociology of infrastructure and technology, so please follow along and contribute whenever you feel the urge to join in!


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