Plug for ANTHEM

A fellow named “Peter” recently commented on Endre’s first post; turns out, he’s the long-time maintainer of content at ANTHEM, which is a blog originally formed to be:

… the public face of ANTHEM, the “Actor-Network Theory — Heidegger Meeting,” a gathering of human and nonhuman actors that are interested in both actor-network theory and the work of Martin Heidegger, as well as the relationship and controversies between the two. Our primary focus is the question of technology. We are interested not only in the philosophy of technology but also in the empirical issues pertaining to the social study of technology.

However, those meetings appear to be over, but the blog lives on … still nutured by Peter and readers.

Check it out — I am and now I’m getting turned-onto Princes, Wolves, and quadruple objects … oh yeah, Peter, what about quadruple “things”!?

1 thought on “Plug for ANTHEM

  1. I was mainly joking about the quandruple thing/object … but thanks for the key point: "The bone of contention with ANT is whether an object (an actor) is only made of its relations (qualities) or there is something more to an object, i.e. something that is independent from all its relations" which is something I have thought about often we reading empirical work claiming that objects get both statuses … perhaps a good review article in the making.


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