What’s the next great infrastructure study?

One of the common topics of discussion between Jan-Hendrik and I is “What’s the next great infrastructure study?”

Patrick Carroll is writing about bogs and water infrastructure again, only this time in California rather than Ireland.

Anique Hommels is writing about re-building and unbuilding cities.

David Ribes is writing about cyberinfrastructure (in a paper worth reviewing).

A long time ago, to some, Tom Hughes wrote on the electricity infrastructure in Networks of Power.

What are some of the other classic infrastructure studies, and if we review enough of them, what stones seem obviously unturned? (that might become the next great infrastructure study)

1 thought on “What’s the next great infrastructure study?

  1. Just talking about this with a fellow faculty member at PSU and he landed on sewers … the comparison to be made is the destruction of sewers (as a terrorist threat/technique) and their construction/maintenance/reconstruction… Sounds like some pretty gamey ethnography!?!?


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