Imagining infrastructures the corporate IT way

A couple of days ago a video made by RIM (the manufacturer of blackberry) cropped up on youtube. It shows RIM’s vision of the future of work and, of course, of its own role in it. The two videos which you can see here and here were supposedly leaked from within RIM. Surprisingly though, they are still on youtube for anybody to see, so RIM does probably not feel shamed by them (to say the least). Some of the blogosphere has already been reacting, calling the video, for example, “depressing as hell”.
The insight the videos provide into imaginations of future infrastructures probably informing the setting of corporate strategies in the development of communication devices is interesting – and transcends the character of this particular video as a somewhat desperate life sign of a company currently under some pressure to make a show of itself. About time for the role of fantasies in the development of infrastructure to move up a bit on our list of research topics?

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