Infrastructure at the crossroads of speed and scale

We’ve discussed scale quite often in this blog. I recently watched this clip, and suddenly scale seemed to matter even more when matters of speed figured in.

Check this out: a 30 story hotel in China (Hunan) built in 15 days.

Certainly, a hotel is not necessarily “infrastructure” (although, we could debate that), but the intersection of speed and scale seems like a very promising research site for infrastructure development (especially because it might be a way out of purely ideographic case studies toward more quantitative work in STS).

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About Nicholas

Associate Professor of Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Science and Technology Studies at Penn State, Nicholas mainly writes about understanding the scientific study of states and, thus, it is namely about state theory. Given his training in sociology and STS, he takes a decidedly STS-oriented approach to state theory and issues of governance.

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