From our friend Peer Schouten: IR and ANT at ISA

Last year, Jan-H. and I went to the Millennium conference at the London School of Economics. Following the conference, Peer and his peers put together an informal workshop to assess the relationship of International Relations with Actor-Network Theory (or just IR and ANT). It was a stunning success, in my estimation, and was quite interesting to see how the ideas in these different starting-points gelled (or failed to).


Well, Peer is at it again, this year at the International Studies Association’s (ISA’s) annual meeting. ISA will meet in San Francisco, CA, and Peer is organizing another workshop.

Check it out here:

Dear all,
As we are looking forward to the great events and panels at the 2013 ISA we want to invite you for an informal (ANT) meeting. This meeting is meant to bring together the diverse group of people interested in (ANT and) IR. This should provide space for exchanging ideas on how to further the translation of ANT in IR, developing common projects including publications, future workshops or grant applications, as well as having a drink or two.
First of all the meeting is meant to stick together and to advance the drive of last ISA and the Millennium conference/workshop in London last year. The meeting is however open to everyone with an interest in ANT. We are planning to meet in the evening either towards the beginning of the conference or at the end. If you are aware of further persons interested in joining please do forward this email.
Peer, Rocco, Maximilian, Julien and Christian

I think this direction has a lot of potential for growth over the upcoming years. So, please pass it along to any interested parties!

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  2. @Sruthi, please expand. Could you tell us why? (after all, that was quite a bold statement and with so little evidence or supporting logic)
    Also, what theories do you find not to be pedestrian, sophomoric and elementary?


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