Guest Blogger for April: Stefanie Fishel

Stefanie Fishel received her doctorate in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Victoria. Dr. Fishel approaches International Relations using techniques and inspirations from Science, Technology, and Society (STS) studies, the philosophy of science, and biology. She is currently at Colgate University in their Peace and Conflict Studies area.

I met Stefanie at the 2012 Millennium Conference at the London School of Economics during a post-conference workshop about how actor-network theory and international relations might fit together (if at all). Andrew Barry was the keynote speaker. In all, it was great.

In her LSE talk, “Lively Vessels and Contaminated States: Biological Metaphor and Global Politics” Stephanie described … well, I’ll let her fill you in over the next month.

Join us in welcoming Stefanie to the blog!

7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger for April: Stefanie Fishel

  1. Welcome! I am looking forward to your posts. In London I had the impression that we STSers and scholars in IR still seem to live worlds apart, but there are so many interesting and important topics to explore in their intersection. It seems that the IR-STS link grows bigger and bigger and that is terrific!


  2. Hello, blog followers and the curious, this is Nicholas, and it just so happens that I spelled “Stefanie’s” name as “Stephanie” by accident … many apologies!


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