Another Turn After ANT: An Interview with Bruno Latour:

Is a Post-Post-ANT Era about to begin (again)?


Another Turn After ANT: An Interview with Bruno Latour:

Latour Interviewed About His New Book

by Adam Robbert

Another Turn After ANT: An Interview with Bruno Latour: ”This is a review, or preview, in the form of an interview, of Bruno Latour’s forthcoming book, An Inquiry into Modes of Existence. We discuss his intellectual trajectory leading up to actor–network theory and the pluralistic philosophy underlying his new, ‘positive’ anthropology of modernity.”

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6 thoughts on “Another Turn After ANT: An Interview with Bruno Latour:

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  2. I wish it was more of an engagement with the public than writing for the public but as an admirer of Dewey I appreciate the attempt to rethink contemporary academic philosophy in terms of more pressing public interests. I disagree with Chris Long that merely studying philosophy (as it is now practiced) will provide the kinds of cultivated/reflexive habits make one a better, more mature, person/citizen but I do think that there are calls to (even prototypes for )such maturation/individuation in works like that of the later Foucault and recently folks like Paul Rabinow, Latour, Stengers, Stiegler, and the post-wittgenstein enactivists.
    have you read any of Donald Schon’s work on developing reflective practitioners? What if we took Dewey’s idea of school as lab (or say design studio) to higher-ed and turned the whole university (dorms, cafeteria, student govts, power plants, etc) into experimental learning projects?


  3. HA! That would be an interesting book to write; review ANT research and make the claim. Surely, a reasonable thesis to pursue…


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