Installation @ AAA: Urban Infrastructure: Obsolescence and Futurity Walking Tour

Upcoming Event on Infrastructure

Discard Studies

New Projects

American Anthropological Association Meetings 2013

Chicago, Illinois USA

Sunday, November 24th, 10 am – 1 pm

Crucial infrastructures in North America have begun to reach the ends of their lifespan, with malfunctions and their effects increasingly commanding public and political attention. Our installation draws on a burgeoning conversation in anthropology on infrastructure, while emphasizing its aesthetic and material dimensions alongside its practical and functional ones.

This two-part “installation” consists of a tour of infrastructure on Chicago’s mid South Side (sites tbd), followed by lunch and informal discussion at New Projects space ( All sites are accessible by CTA transit. Reservations kindly requested by November 1st for details and 2 short discussion texts. Participants are welcome to join after this date, but must contact organizers for location details. Marina Peterson:

Sponsored by SUNTA/ SANA

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  1. should be required listening for all students in highschool and undergraduate studies, that would be a real education in civics, that you didn’t make it on your own should be ‘common’ sense and not a debating point…


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