Historical Materialism 10th annual conference – programme and registration details

Materialists … unite!

Progressive Geographies

London, 7th-10th November, ‘Making the World Working Class’ – full details here.

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3 thoughts on “Historical Materialism 10th annual conference – programme and registration details

  1. I have a long running disagreement with Levi who I think has a sense of ideas as objects/agents while I think that we can stick to the object-relations/extended-mindings at hand and skip the meta/speculative move, as I mentioned in reply to your asking about my hopes for prototypes I think that this a bit of mistaken-concreteness/reification that thinking is something we do and so Ideas are not something we have or that have us, Levi is just sketching at this particular point but he has worked out many of the related ideas in his books.


  2. What an interesting post from the folks at Larval Subjects … very cool, although the move (almost immediately) to cognition and thought/ideas with regard to universals sort of through me off. Is that a live line of research, or is it more like a thought experiment in that area of study?


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