Has “The Future of Social Theory” arrived yet?

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Theory through interview and over time.

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The Future of Social Theory

It is just coming up to 10 years since Nick Gane‘s The Future of Social Theory was published. At the time I was in the middle of my PhD and I found this book to be a real inspiration, it really helped me to get a sense of the theoretical landscape of the time. At the time I thought that rather than write a review of the book I’d reflect Nick’s approach and interview him about it. The resulting interview ‘Back to the Future of Social Theory’ was published here – I didn’t do a very good job of asking questions, but fortunately Nick did a great job of answering them. The book is a collection of interviews that Nick conducted with a range of leading social theorists, the book also includes a detailed introductory chapter positioning the pieces. Given that the book is about the future of social…

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