4S and EASST invitation, 2014

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Open letter to readers:

This is Nicholas Rowland and Jan-Hendrik Passoth. This year we’re chairing sessions at the annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) (20-23 August 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina) as well as the annual of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) (17-19 September 2014,Toruń, Poland). Consistent with years past, we have proposed a session with multiple panels, all organized around the broad and basic topic of STS and “the state.”

We invite you to submit your work to the sessions. Over the past half-decade or so, we have done our best to host papers on a variety of topics related to the state in some way (state and state infrastructure projects, policies, and practices, and anything related to state theory itself).

Also, consistent with the last few years, 4S and EASST leadership have required us to be a little more formal when it comes to submitting papers. So, if you do decide to submit your work (and we hope you do), please submit the paper abstracts individually through the formal 4S and EASST on-line paper submission process.

For 4S, the deadline for submissions is March 17th. Here is the website for the conference. You can submit here; they want 250 words and a title. We are track 74.

For EASST, the deadline for submission is March 28th. Here is the website for the conference. The submission site is not yet up (the deadline for session proposals was only 08 Jan 2014; they will likely want 250 words too and a title. We will update this as soon as the system goes live.

We look forward to expanding and extending in new ways the discussions we started in Cleveland in 2011, Copenhagen in 2012, and San Diego in 2013.

our very best,

Nicholas Rowland

Jan Passoth

p.s., our track to 4S is here and our track sent to EASST is so similar we don’t need to share it again.

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  1. fer the love of the cyberg_ds of systems would folks please record and post these sessions for those of us without travel budgets, thanks


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