Chinese Constitutional Politics


The video recording of the conference, China-Constitution-Politics, is now available for accessing via mediasite. I was involved in the PM discussion; I reviewed Dr. Larry Backer and graduate student Karen Wang‘s paper “THE EMERGING STRUCTURES OF SOCIALIST CONSTITUTIONALISM WITH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS: EXTRA-JUDICIAL DETENTION (LAOJIAO AND SHUANGGUI) AND THE CHINESE CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER” which is soon coming out in Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal; the AM session considered Zhiwei Tong (童之伟) and his new work “Two Issues.”

RECORDINGS: Entire Conference HERE: AM Session HERE: PM Session HERE.

The original schedule is here:


4 thoughts on “Chinese Constitutional Politics

  1. the dark side of the force has its pleasures as well as its pains, we need a sort of whistle-blowerish term for this kind of intervention on behalf of reality.


  2. ha, the so what question and the can you give me a working definition/model of your central but so far empty term/concept question are at the top of my usual response list and always make me a welcome guest at conferences/lectures/meetings…


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