More materiality and technology

The internet of things is not a topic I have been able to return to on the blog thus far.  I plan on changing this, but for now we can start the conversation with this piece from Wired about the “Internet of Things”.

Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things

This adds some depth and complexity to our earlier exchanges about the potential of technology for building social and material relations with others.


Image credit:  iStockphoto/chris_lemmens

5 thoughts on “More materiality and technology

  1. yep, we are headed into the wildwest of identity theft, plus imagine if your personal medical tech got hacked and threw off yer meds or whatever wires/signals are linked into yer body…


  2. And most of the articles I have read say it will be quite difficult to secure these ISPs connected to physical things. This leaves us open in multiple areas to malicious attack.


  3. “They will also be prone to unintended consequences: they will do things nobody designed for beforehand, most of which will be undesirable.” amen to this, I’m deeply worried also about the ever increasing uses of metrics by employers (and intertwined industries like health-insurance) in the lives of their employees, and of course law-enforcement is ever encroaching. We need some kind of civil-society organizations focused on protecting peoples’ rights to opt out, but I’m afraid this will be too little (and as with tech & regulation always too late) to keep us safe.


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