notes on molecularisation of control

Molecularisation of control — Baudrillard, back again

synthetic zerØ

The psychotropic body is a body modeled “from the inside,” no longer passing through the per-spectival space of representation, of the mirror, and of discourse. A silent, mental, already molecular (and no longer specular) body, a body metabolized directly, without the mediation of the act or the gaze, an immanent body, without alterity without a mise en scéne, without transcendence, a body consecrated to the implosive metabolism of cerebral, endocrinal flows, a sensory, but not sensible, body because it is connected only to its internal terminals, and not to objects of perception (the reason why one can enclose it in a “white,” blank sensoriality – disconnecting it from its own sensorial extremities, without touching the world that surrounds it, suffices), a body already homogeneous, at this stage of plastic tactility, of mental malleability, of psychotropism at every level, already close to nuclear and genetic manipulation, that is to say to…

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8 thoughts on “notes on molecularisation of control

  1. there is a sort of paranoid slant by which systems of control are seen to be all inclusive, down to the molecular if you will, but they are much more like the drugs we use in psychiatry which have sort of blanket effects that aren’t narrowly targeted and may be masking more than they fix.


        • As a pragmatist, I understand why these sorts of arguments get attention; however, given their near zero utility, is there some other, perhaps, latent function the fulfill (beyond merely reaffirming the stays hierarchy among scholars or giving academic libraries more shelf fodder?



      • I think they give the feeling of actually doing some work, making a difference, my related worries are that they than offer a kind of catharsis that removes the spur to other action, and of course they end up changing the subject away from the affordances & resistances at hand in our lives. It took me a while to realize that all of the lectures I had posted on S_Z were feeding this energy-leech.


        • That’s kind of a cool answer to Karl Marx and his claim that pressure would build and if we can only replace false consciousness with class consciousness, then revolution is imminent … unless pressure is carefully siphoned-off through ‘turning exhaustion into a kind of status’, by ‘felt-activism’ through liking things on facebook, or, dare I say it, blogging.

          On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 9:07 AM, Installing (Social) Order wrote:



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