Derrida Explained With Video Games


Grammatology explained with video games and a cat — not bad!

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7 thoughts on “Derrida Explained With Video Games

  1. While a nice video, I do not think it explains Derrida/deconstruction/differance quite adequately. It makes some contextualist approaches in linguistics understandable to some degree, but with this video, I feel, a learner couldn’t really tell the difference between, e.g. Quine and Derrida. The best one could say is, here “ahh, what Quine calls language, Derrida calls (written) text”.


  2. not bad, prefer to think of that work in relation to scene/setting/framing (via Austin) vs just literal grammar (tho a fan of Wittgenstein on our bewitchment by grammar) and so to both hermeneutics and environs.


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