Derrida Explained With Video Games


Grammatology explained with video games and a cat — not bad!

*Thanks to HAU for this post. If you don’t know them, check them out on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Derrida Explained With Video Games

  1. not bad, prefer to think of that work in relation to scene/setting/framing (via Austin) vs just literal grammar (tho a fan of Wittgenstein on our bewitchment by grammar) and so to both hermeneutics and environs.


  2. While a nice video, I do not think it explains Derrida/deconstruction/differance quite adequately. It makes some contextualist approaches in linguistics understandable to some degree, but with this video, I feel, a learner couldn’t really tell the difference between, e.g. Quine and Derrida. The best one could say is, here “ahh, what Quine calls language, Derrida calls (written) text”.


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