Mostly for fun, but surprisingly academic as well. 

Also, a part of our long-time interest in Foucault in general, that Foucault is why we understand ANT, about Foucault as a materialist, and reflections on the carceral.

*Also discussed at Open Culture earlier this week.

2 thoughts on “FOUCAULT, ANITMATED

  1. I watched this earlier today, or rather I began watching. After 36 seconds, I abandoned it. I am sorry, but when a supposedly instructive/educational text or video states that Foucault was working towards a “Marxist, anarchist utopia”, it’s not worth anyone’s time.
    While there can be differences in interpretation – indeed, I am the first to defend the idea that there even must be different accounts – there exist also accounts that are extreme misconstruals and misreadings; regardless whether deliberate, because of lack of knowledge, or else. This is the case here. This description of Foucault’s goals has no basis, it cannot be supported by Foucualt’s writings, speaking, and doings at all.
    This is particularly disturbing for a piece that is supposed to provide an introduction to Foucault. Not only does it not provide a rich, and open account of Foucault’s works, instead it present a normatively, even ideologically closed one; it furthermore presents an account that is also distorted and mistaken. I turned it of at second 36 because I was disgusted.


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