Decoloniality Mini-Conference


CONFERENCE OPPORTUNITY: Decolonialty mini-conference (9 panels) at the Eastern Sociological Society Meeting, Boston March 17-20, 2015. Panels on a number of topics including “Decoloniality and the State” and “Beyond the ‘Human'”. If you do non-human/post-human, postmodern state theory or state modeling, and can connect to decolonial options/epistemic disobedience get in touch asap (submission is on Oct 30) (write me at:

We are happy to host newcomers to decoloniality as well as seasoned/experienced scholars. Please consider this an open invitation to join the important discussion about decoloniality and the social sciences. There may also be opportunities to Skype into the meeting so please do keep that in mind.

3 thoughts on “Decoloniality Mini-Conference

  1. I’m still down with my Homie Bhabha that hybridity is the way of human-being so hard not to hear these calls for de-coloniality as Romantic rear-views back to the Garden, I get that ‘post’ got worn thin with use and abuse but still as far as I can see it’s all bricolage for us critters.


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