Internet Railroad?


I will return to this piece each year teaching STS. Living in Central Pennsylvania, we are sitting right on top of PRR country (Pennsylvania Railroad). It is useful for students to understand the sunk costs, the path dependency (literally, in this case), and the reverberations through history that simple technological infrastructure decisions can make. “How railroads shaped Internet history.”

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  1. Great! I seem to have one more reason to start posting again after a long, long time of absence. Materializing the virtual could be the guiding claim of my Research Group (the Digital/Media/Lab) at the MCTS — And I would love to have a flag!

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  2. William Gibson has long in vain been trying to get people to realize that there is no “cyber” space, one of the strengths of the work you folks do here is to flesh-out/foreground the actual infrastructures for which I’m grateful.


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