Latour on “Digital Methods”

In a fascinating, apparently not-peer-reviewed non-article available free online here, Tommaso Venturini and Bruno Latour discuss the potential of “digital methods” for the contemporary…

Source: Latour on “Digital Methods”

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  3. just went to this crummy lecture where among other things she shared their mappings of predictions of developments in science and technology research, when I challenged what were the known/relevant factors that allow for such predictions she talked about poetics and art, this was after she showed maps used by chemical company lobbiests in testimony to congress , so I asked how could the made up parts be rendered visible in the maps and she suggested that the methods/data be made available in addition to the maps for those with interest/know-how, just maddening and my poor wife had to walk home with her ranting loon husband, I know I need some help…

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  4. well to the degree that fields like sociology and political science remains merely academic just more bad papers/talks but when applied you get the kinds of costly messes that covers/uncovers.
    I don’t get the ideas that assemblages are somehow more or less than the sums of their wholes, and when it comes to assemblies (as opposed to assemblages like bodies or machines) how does one draw lines around what is in or out?


  5. Do you think it is clear, just yet, what impact this particular new framework has had/will have?

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  6. the mind reels at all the new ways in which we can now confuse our maps/models for the terrain, there are no social collectives just collections. Too bad there isn’t more pragmatism at work in these projects, some sense of what is afforded (and resisted) when we frame/curate matters one way or another, what can we assemble and to what effects, etc.


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