Podcast recapping the Futures & Foresight Science Conference

After the Futures and Foresight Conference in Warwick in December, three members from the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), Andrew Curry, Wendy Schultz, and Tanja Hichert, sat down and recollected their takeaways and highlights from the conference and recorded it as a podcast. As the first in an occasional series of “Compass” podcasts, we were honored that Matt’s presentation was able to generate some laughter from them (you will find their recap of Matt’s talk at 15:30 about our work in this paper, this one, and this one). Perhaps readers of Installing Order would like to contribute some podcast material in the future (!?) — we would be happy to put it on the blog.



1 thought on “Podcast recapping the Futures & Foresight Science Conference

  1. afraid there is too much jargon and name dropping to follow much of this, gotta say the term futurist raises all my tech sales hype BS alarms as does terms like visioning, glad to hear there are some attempts at empirical work but would like to know more about how they ground all their concepts/jargon so that they can test the models/modes, nice that you folks got a nod, sadly wasn’t surprised to hear they don’t do much in the way of retrospective critiques and that they don’t flow chart their work processes.


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