Old scholars and professionals to remember: Max Weber

Soon I will speak at St. Francis University about Max Weber. The talk I’m giving is entitled “Sociology to the Max (Weber).”

St. Francis is a good liberal arts school. Their vision:

Saint Francis University is a Catholic university of choice for undergraduate and graduate students, nationally recognized for its Franciscan mission and goals, its academic excellence and its vibrant student life co curriculum. The University places particular emphasis on developing individuals who will lead or serve with character and values in their chosen professions and communities.

…and the talk I’m giving is part of a “sociology week” mainly put on by undergraduate students, which is cool.

As I prepare:

Does anybody know of a concise history of Max Weber’s writings on technology?

I get the feeling that a “what did Max Weber contribute to STS” would be a good book.

1 thought on “Old scholars and professionals to remember: Max Weber

  1. ahahah …. the use of parentheses is a birth-right of STSers!.I would like to see something devoted entirely to technology from Weber. I stand by what I said before, a book on what Weber has done for STS is a book worth writing. .Perhaps during a sabbatical someday…


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