Pipeline Nearly Approved


In the New York Times today, reports that the Keystone XL Pipeline — designed to divert oil from Canadian sources through the US to be refined by Gulf Coast refineries — is one step closer to being approved. The article opens:

The State Department released a report on Friday concluding that the Keystone XL pipeline would not substantially worsen carbon pollution, leaving an opening for President Obama to approve the politically divisive project.

The article goes onto mention that the environmental impact research report will soon be available … and I cannot shake the feeling that I’m re-reading Barry’s new book only this time it’s set in the US. Fittingly, I guess, if you look at the picture in this post, you’ll see the upper left says “POLITICS” … but I’m thinking Andrew would prefer “MATERIAL POLITICS.”

11 thoughts on “Pipeline Nearly Approved

  1. Great news. Well, thanks for joining/reading the blog. If you’d ever want to guest blog about your recent studies, please do let us/me know (njr12 at psu.edu)


  2. howdy nicholas,
    my research is on the keystone xl pipeline and i just finished barry’s book as well. perhaps the most interesting parallel? Environmental Resources Management (ERM) prepared the environmental impact assessments for both pipelines. clearly they are pros.


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