The long shot heard round the world


Well, not exactly around the world. President Obama asks for a tax increase on gasoline to improve American infrastructure … only, it is not a gas tax, it is just another corporate tax, according to a NYT report. Obama appears to be using commonsense; if you like to use roads, then we need to pay to upkeep them … only that is what scares me because commonsense on the hill seems to have left the building a decade (or more) ago.

3 thoughts on “The long shot heard round the world

  1. yes tragically (and irredeemably) commonsense is an oxymoron (speaking of morons) so for those of us not in the denial-states-of-mind how do we shift from technocratic u-topian fantasies of managing crises/dis-integrations to working on how to tinker something worth having/doing while things fall apart without getting back into sort of 60’s style permaculture retreats, what’s a city-dweller to do?


      • not sure how much edible grass/feed there will be out here in drought-ridden flyover country. In the short-term not so much interested in particular solutions as much as how to move research/conversation into these areas and out of the speculative/sc-fi realms of crit-theory and such.


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