Non-human persons are among us


The dodo-community has a blog that utilizes some concepts we are generally interested in on the blog, for example, non-human. Check it out.

Some of the links are pretty incredible, like dolphin stampedes and so on. At any rate, it is an interesting source that I was not aware of. Might be more exciting or interesting if there was a more academic focus (that is, specifically interesting to me as an academic), but some of these issues, like the protection of animals, would suffer from a pedantic streak …

10 thoughts on “Non-human persons are among us

  1. not sure that people who aren’t affect-ively attached to animals are really moved by rational/science-based studies of their physiological capacities, would be interesting to try and study.


        • oh heck, of course, of course! No disagreement. I’m just saying that to me, that was the case. No, when it comes to changing people’s minds so that animals are just seen as “other humans” or that humans are seen as “other animals” would require a lot … in particular, probably some serious tinkering with the bible.


  2. “Persons” is a term that incorporates non-humans is less smitten ways…corporations, for example. Thank you 14th Amendment and Citizens United. If they can be persons then anyone can, right? (sarcasm)


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