“State Multiplicity” Talk at PSU tomorrow

Screenshot 2014-03-17 07.58.38

We’ll post the content of the talk (and a maybe a video, if we can manage it) on Wednesday.

Notice: Only Jan is pictured; no Nicholas 😦

6 thoughts on ““State Multiplicity” Talk at PSU tomorrow

  1. heh rub their noses in the mess, not good fer folks downriver on the Missouri…


  2. Seems like one thing “giving” in that respect is quite gross … perhaps, though, that is what it will take — “choose taxes or living in your own filth.”


  3. big troubles brewing with sewers and budgets here in Omaha, was also a big issue in KC when we lived in Kansas, not a lot of will to raise taxes here in flyover country, somethings going to give and it won’t be pretty.


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