Latour’s inconsistencies unveiled


In this terrific article in New Literary History, Graham Harman draws-out some of Latour’s inconsistencies in his shift from old ANT days (i.e., the early Latour) to the more recent emphasis on “modes” (i.e., the late Latour) related to his culture-nature rejection-reficiation (played with a few of these idea a decade ago reviewing his book PoN).

15 thoughts on “Latour’s inconsistencies unveiled

  1. Reblogged this on synthetic_zero and commented:
    much like with Heidegger Latour drifted from useful anthropology to waxing meta-physical and if he doesn’t come back to the rough ground of lived-life I for one can only say adieu.


        • I guess, to me, the reason is often that one is obliged to cite his work, for better or for worse, because not citing him can be construed as being ignorant of his work and this can be then, in turn, seen as an indication that the author is not a well-rounded reader.


          • I think it’s the related hope/faith that attracts many to say Whitehead, M-Ponty, or WilliamJames, a desire for (belief in?) some-thing/law/fomula/way/etc that will tie all the pieces together (a meta-physics) make sense of the buzzing-bloomin-confusion, something more obect-ive than our alltoohuman manipulations/politics. Some way in otherwords to be more than (or at least access) human-being, to do/be more than what Heidegger dismissed as “mere” anthropology.


  2. Do You have free acces version on article somwhere? Speaking about Latour and Harman, I really have pronblem with “Modes of existence”, I am philospher and I prefare Law, Callon, Mol, and empirical Latour rather than dubious metaphysic. But to be honest late works of Harman and others guys from OOO also doesn’t appeal to me, to much “metaphysical” thinking, and poor empirical emodied enact ontology (this 3E is by chance, but I coul copyrighted this)


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