Bite Size Theory: The Way We Argue Now

Pop Theory

“If anyone else had published the second and third volumes of the History of Sexuality, they would have had little to no impact on the theoretical domains of literary and cultural theory in the U.S. academy.”

Amanda Anderson, 2006, The Way We Argue Now: A Study in the Cultures of Theory. Princeton, Princeton University Press, p. 121.

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6 thoughts on “Bite Size Theory: The Way We Argue Now

  1. ah they’ve cut&pasted (and generally rehashed) bits&pieces of Foucault without ever really taking on/in the corpus, more idle-chatter/gossip (they, who matter in our social/instiutional circle/clique, say) than denken if you will.


  2. heh, would say they have had little to no impact but point taken, as we’ve been discussing in terms of never been pomo the death of author-ity was more prescriptive (more wishful thinking) than descriptive.


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