Incentivizing “Repair” in Sweden

This is an idea worth reviewing — imperfect, of course, but something of this ilk should be developed, at scale. You can see reports on this all over now: the Guardian, CNN, Washington Post, BBC, and so on.

This comes on heels of much needed attention to maintenance, especially in terms of infrastructure, but with a new mechanism for incentivizing these behaviors on a wide swath of products, which re-articulates attention toward “demand” in a fresh way and away from “demand” as merely “voicing political concern” (which seems not to work, other than verbally). 

Sweden proposes tax breaks for repairing things, extra tax on unrepairable things.

5 thoughts on “Incentivizing “Repair” in Sweden

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  2. Yeah, i see the link, but I think the emphasis is possibly on selling repairable items and incentivizing repair, primarily of material objects. Sometimes, when it comes to repairable glass/wood windows versus vinyl, there could be some advantages; however, there is a weak-spot, I suppose, and that is that fraud in tax returns regarding repair must be difficult to curb, right?


  3. reminds me of ongoing concerns about e-products that are really hard (or even illegal) to customize/hack and pushes in construction/engineering for products that are easy to disassemble if not reuse.


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