“Unresolved Controversies”


I need your help: anybody know a few research papers or a book specifically about unresolved controversies? It would be terrific if there was some conceptualization, or even a functional analysis of the manifest and latent consequences of unresolved controversies. In fact, it would be amazing to see research on “intentionally unresolved controversies.”

5 thoughts on ““Unresolved Controversies”

  1. FROM FB: Nicole Nelson Jordan and Lynch’s article on the plasmid prep? That one specifically critiques the idea of closure and shows that even supposedly stabilized techniques still generate controversy. Or maybe Alice Street’s SSS article on artefacts of not knowing, where she talks about how uncertainty is not always erased in medical settings?


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  3. I wrote a whole book about this: Misbehaving Science: Controversy and the Development of Behavior Genetics (Chicago 2014)


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