The Lives Trees Live


In September this oddly haunting book came out that I can’t stop thinking about, for both good and bad reasons, and it is called “The Hidden Lives of Trees” (by Peter Wohlleben). 

Here is some background on the piece, including the “trees communicate” bit.

We’ve talked about trees, but only occasionally, on the blog, which also reminds me of a piece in the NYT about social networks of trees (although that terminology might irk some).

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  2. I’m right there with you — it is a tough crowd, unless reification is for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to first establish a functional definition of the state, then of information, and then of the informational state conjoining the two. A tough crowd…

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  3. gave the books a quick scan, my general sense of these matters (no surprise I’m sure) is that there is no such thing as Information only machines, books, people, etc. and when we look at say the recent FBI/email shenanigans who/what is the State let alone the Information?
    Lets grant that for certain purposes (beyond writing books) there is something to be gained/assembled by framing things in such a way how would one know what aspect(s) of such an employment/deployment are working or not and so forth, let alone to wrestle with description vs prescription type issues?


  4. no but I’ll add them to the list thanks, been trying to wade thru the physics/computer-science as best I can being math handicapable


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